Delzotto’s Butcher Shop

February 12, 2014

As the surrounding communities of New Tecumseth continue to support and promote the notion of healthy living through local farmers, it comes as no surprise that The Butcher Shop in Alliston is taking the community by storm. There is something uniquely gratifying about purchasing a product that not only improves your quality of life, but also makes a direct contribution to the local economy. The DelZotto family strives to run their shop with the goal of bringing in local, free run, grass fed, healthy meat options for the community. They also work closely with other local suppliers to provide sustainable sources of only the best bread, fish, and dairy options. As Diane DelZotto commented, they wouldn’t set anything on your plate that wouldn’t be served on theirs.


Every successful entrepreneur has a story, which often speaks to the sheer determination and dedication required in order to set out and realize their dream. Rick DelZotto decided to be a butcher when he was just 15 years old, sensing an opportunity, developing a passion, and never giving up until his dream became a reality. His commitment to his community and his customers are unquestionably proven by the long hours he spent learning the trade and working behind the counter. His undeniable passion for food is demonstrated in every cut of meat and his playful experimentation with his flavouring. One of his more unique flavour experiments was a peanut butter and jelly infused sausage – a successful trial that now receives recommendations and requests. The couple met at a young age while working at separate shops across from one another in a mall. Rick an aspiring butcher in a butcher shop, and Diane a young florist, the two destined to meet took a chance on one another and never looked back. As their lives intertwined and they began a family, Diane decided to jump head first into business with Rick and support his dream of owning his own butcher. Together they are a team, supporting each other in love, life and business, as is evident in all of their achievements.

the-butcher-shop-canned  the-butcher-shop-grinder

The DelZotto family put a great deal of passion into their shop, ensuring that every cut, every display, and every order is prepared with great care and consideration. They are also committed to their community and are very proud to be part of the Alliston Downtown and the tremendous love and support they receive from their fellow retailers. Starting out as a small butcher shop, they have quickly expanded following high demand for other types of specialty foods. In particular, they have recently increased their retail space to accommodate a new fresh seafood market and bakery – both additions were at the request of their loyal clientele. It has turned out to be a success for them, and a personal treat for the family as they now serve fish at their dinner table more regularly.


In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, support your local community, and to confidently know where the food you are serving is coming from, this inspired Butcher Shop is a destination in Alliston Downtown. A great place to stop in, whether you are coming downtown for the afternoon of shopping, or passing through Alliston on your way to the cottage, you will always be welcomed by the smiling faces of the DelZotto family.

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