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Peake Barbecue

September 20, 2017

Peake Barbecue: Like Texas but North
Kansas City has ribs, the Carolinas has pork shoulder, but Texas owns brisket. And we believe there is no better barbecue than Texas brisket.

Simple ain’t Easy
A big hunk of brisket cooked for 12 or more hours in oak and maple smoke and a gentle heat is something to behold. Looking more like a meteorite than meat, the low and slow cooking process transforms this thick tough cut into a tender delicious slab o’ smokey goodness. Come on in to Peake Barbecue and you can get brisket by the pound, in sandwich, in Frito Pie, or on a platter for two with smoked sausage and sides—beans, slaw, potato salad—plus on Thursdays and Saturdays we offer the real deal Tex-Mex Tacos. All ready to go in minutes or you can eat in and have a cold beer with your brisket.

Texas Style. Ontario Grown.
Whenever possible we source everything we sell locally. The farms of Holland Marsh and surroundings grow the cabbages, onions, and carrots we use in our slaw, Alliston’s farmers, provide the famous potatoes and scallions we put in our potato salad, and an organic farm near London provides our pinto beans.

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