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July 8, 2014

A well-known and well-established corporate company like M&M Meat Shops requires a well-known and reputable ownership when claiming residence in a small town like Alliston. Fortunately for Alliston Downtown, M&M Meat Shop owner Trevor Holmes is just that. Having grown up in Alliston, Trevor is a big contributor to the community and the growth of the town, which he emulates daily in and out of the store.


Trevor dedicated a large portion of his life to the fire industry. As a student of fire protection he went on to work in the industry and in his spare time heroically volunteered as a fire fighter for nearly 12 years. So how does a volunteer fire fighter turn around and open up an M&Ms? In 2008, Trevor and his wife Mary Ann became the proud and eager owners of the M&Ms that had previously resided at the same location. The opportunity came out of a personal connection with the previous owners, and their curiosity for a new business venture. Owning a business had always been a passion of theirs, and still offered Trevor the opportunity to continue as a volunteer firefighter.

Even though Trevor took on this project, he still wanted to make sure he did everything he could to help the community. Alliston’s M&Ms is known for their delicious summer barbecues, where anywhere from six to eight barbecues are held right in front of their store. The smell of fresh hot dogs, burgers, and sausages combined with the atmosphere of community coming together to do something good, are what make these events a success. Trevor ensures that each event is dedicated to a different charity, and donates all the proceeds to whichever one that is. A few on the list include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, they even donate to local soccer teams and Relay for Life.

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Outside of the daily grind, Trevor and his wife Mary Ann are the proud parents to three children. So on top of the hustle they face as storeowners, they are also busy with hockey practices, tournaments, and whatever else parenthood throws their way. It is their passion and hard work that has allowed them to be successful in business while still experiencing life as it hits them. So whether it’s delicious and easy to prepare meals for parties, barbecues, or a quick dinner before hockey practice, M&Ms makes dinner preparation simple and easy.

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