February 1, 2014

Détails is housed in the old hardware store in an historic 1894 building on Victoria Street in Alliston, Ontario,  a booming community north of Toronto.
The 2 story, 5000 sq ft home furnishing and decor store is nestled amongst other historic buildings along Victoria Street.  Providing home décor inspiration since 1996 with unique furnishings and accents to beautify your home, you will walk on the original oak plank floor where for over a 100 years, thousands of others have shopped for their household needs.
Détails provides inspiration with vignettes to show you how whimsical, eclectic and practical items can fit together to create a mood and showcase your style. Still not sure how to pull together your vision of the coziest, comfiest bedroom, finding that perfect gift or holiday décor, or give life to a drab hallway or corner?  Let Détails  friendly staff assist you by listening to your wish list or vision and offer ideas and solutions for you to consider to showcase your good taste.

Owner Sherry Ward-Ellison lives today’s busy lifestyle, so when scouring for new items at tradeshows the world over, wholesaler warehouses, and on-line wholesalers she leans toward casual country because of its timeless appeal and durability. Every day new items arrive and vignettes are frequently changed so with each visit you will find lots of new ideas to inspire and a fresh selection of affordable products in the latest trends.
A shop like this is a gem for the Alliston offering residents and day trippers alike a destination to dream a little, relax, and shop at affordable “country prices” and leave feeling great.
Another perk at Détails is the newly opened expresso bar satisfying your need for a real expresso, cappuccino or latte or even a light lunch.  Come and enjoy for yourself.

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