Brisco Furniture & Appliances

December 2, 2014

Purchasing furniture and appliances for your home can be a daunting process – wouldn’t it be nice to get the same comforting feeling from your salesperson as you do from your new piece of furniture or appliance? Brisco Furniture & Appliances excels at providing friendly, professional assistance to everyone who walks through the doors on Victoria Street in Alliston Downtown. And those who have had the pleasure of meeting owner/operator Ken Brisco, has been comforted by his laid-back personality and style.


Ken spent most of his childhood in Alliston, and a great deal of his early adulthood within the walls of his furniture and appliance store. Ken’s parents were extremely hardworking individuals who put a premium on family, tradition and loyalty. In 1980 they moved their family to Alliston to work for a local furniture store, and by 1983 they purchased the store now known as Brisco Furniture & Appliances. It has been their commitment to the community and their dedication to providing unmatched customer service that has allowed their business to prosper over the years.

Like many kids whose parents own a small business, Ken spent his childhood helping out at the store, trying to save a few extra dollars for his future.  Eventually, he branched out, and his journey led him to get an education in computer programming, where soon after he realized that was not for him.  Ken’s business life came full circle when he returned back to Alliston to work in and eventually take over the family business.

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Since Ken has taken over the Brisco family business, he has expanded into a second store specializing in mattresses and related products. He opened up Brisco Mattress World in 2013 and was awarded 2013 store of the year Cantrex Nationwide. The two stores are exactly 175 steps apart from one another, located right in the heart of rurban Alliston Downtown. When asked if he would ever consider moving out of the downtown and into a large enough location to consolidate the two businesses, Ken said no and made it clear that he would miss the vibe of the downtown and the opportunity to work side by side with some of his amazing neighbours.

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