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When it came time to contemplate the brand direction as it relates to the future of Alliston Downtown, it was important that the essence of who we are as a community be captured. Alliston has always been known as a quaint little farming town, renowned for their prized commodity, the potato, and other outstanding crops and produce that have been cultivated by generations of family farmers. But rural alone could not quite define our unique town. Over the last decade or two, Alliston Downtown in particular, has become a vivacious place filled with youthful energy and thriving business establishments that have provided a more urban sensibility. The core continues to undergo a transformation that is home to unique jewelry stores, clothing and home décor shops, and a growing number of ethnically diverse restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

Ruck with sunflowers in the back

So when asked what is it that makes Alliston unique, it really came down to having the best that urban and rural lifestyles had to offer. Alliston Downtown is ‘rurban’ – the best of both worlds. Once we had identified this bold brand claim, it was time to start getting the word out there. We set out to develop a brand communication strategy that would leverage our new website and other online media. In addition, we implemented street sign banners and other printed collaterals that introduced the new branding to the community. Finally, in preparation for launching this new brand direction for Alliston Downtown, we produced a short satire film to help illustrate the rurban brand claim of being the best of both worlds. We told the story through two outrageously opposite characters and how they come to the realization that, while they each have very different lifestyles, they can both proudly call Alliston home.

Sign announcing the Rurban launchRurban

On May 24th, 2014, we held our rurban launch event at the historical Circle Theatre in Alliston Downtown. Available for sampling was an array of ethnic food options from Alba Lisa’s, Indian Flame, Yuki Sushi, R+P Farms and delicious cookies from Sophie’s Sweets. As the community mingled throughout the theatre there was a buzz of excitement in anticipation of the screening of our short film, “The Best of Both Worlds”.

The video was a real success. It was great to see the message resonate with both kids and seniors alike. There was a genuine sense of hometown pride throughout the theatre. However, it was the personal sentiments from Shan, Alba Lisa, Kate, Lauchlan, and our Mayor, Mike MacEacheran, that helped reinforce what rurban living means to this community. Their remarks could be summed up thusly; Alliston Downtown is a safe, welcoming community that encourages hard work and rewards success. We ended the evening by capturing short videos of members in the community, asking the question, “what do you love about rurban living”? So we ask you, what do YOU love about rurban living? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MyRurban. Join us in continuing to make Alliston Downtown the best of both worlds.

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